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sports car hire

Sports car hire
Perfect cars for the bending roads of the French Rivera in Europe.

sports car hire

Ferrari Hire
The best Ferrari currently on the market: Ferrari 458 spider, Italia, California.

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Convertible Car hire
Wind in the hair and a lot of fun with our Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin

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Prestige car hire
These classy and luxurious cars are perfect for French Rivera elegance.

Nice airport car rental companies Renting a luxury car in Riviera is almost a must.

Visit Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo in a Ferrari or a Lamborghini will put you in the center of attention.

It is no coincidence that the city center of Monaco, during rush-hour, has the highest concentration of Ferrari and Porsche in all Europe.

Accomplice of a good life, wealth and beautiful women, who in this city are not lacking, you will also feel the need of finding a perfect car to fulfill your dream.

One Way car rental from Italy to Nice France

reviewREVIEW: I have passed 5 days in Europa, and I wanted to try all these experiences. We (my wife and me) landed at the Milano airport and we decide to rent a Ferrari California, to move from a place to the other.

We stayed in Milan for the first night, then we followed the suggested itinerary and went to Florence. Here we had a dinner with the chef, and on the second night we got the “medieval experience”. Finally we reached Viareggio, where we boarded a yacht, we have been welcomed by a delicious spritz in a jacuzzi and then a very romantic dinner on the fly. The morning after we left for a fantastic cruise, passing by the Cinque Terre, Sanremo, to reach Nice, where we had to take the return fly.

It has been a special gift, passed in the most exclusive splendour. You can see all information in Karisma Luxury Car Rental Italy Official (

Special price: Ferrari California rental Nice France

Luxury Car rental Nice France

Ferrari California Rental Nice

Ferrari Nice Rental
Nice France Date uploaded: Jun 06, 2014 Great experience with Ferrari California in Nice
Rent a Ferrari California in Nice, one of the most prestigious and largest luxury car on the market at the moment.
You can be very fast and quick,its perfect for calm city driving and fast highway one.
The design is at the top level just like every Ferrari car. The elegance and luxury that this car give can be seen from far away.
Modern and stylish but at the same time sport, Ferrari California gives satisfaction to anyone who gets the chance to sit behind its steering while.
The interior of the Ferrari California gives to its passengers very comfortable and relaxing driving.
Is a car for anyone who enjoys driving with the style.

Special price: Bentley rental Nice France

Are you looking for the best Bentley rental price?
TopLuxury rental car service, leader in Europe, can provide you the latest best full optional Bentley cars.

Choose the Bentley that looks like in your dreams; you will take your car without driver, for a short period (3 days) or for a full month, on depending from the option for short or long period.

All the Bentley cars that you can rent are full optional cars, with satellite anti-theft system.
All the cars that are assigned to our customers are in perfect condition and can offer the best active and passive safety systems.

Please, check the availability of the cars; the Car Rental Team will give you all the support to achieve your dream and will assist you during the rental practice.

It is also possible to receive your Bentley directly in Nice Airport. Car insurance, fees and 24 hours service included.

Let yourself be drawn into a weekend of luxury

Choose from a wide range of cars, all fully optioned, that you can find in Top Luxury Service, the European leader in luxury car hire.

For spring 2014, the fleet of cars offered by Top Luxury Service in the French Riviera moves to Nice, Cannes and Monte Carlo, to offer the best luxury rent-a-car service for those wishing to spend a vacation in the Riviera in a car with maximum performance and comfort.

Among the various cars available for hire remember that there is the Bentley Continental, a whole new range of Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo, Hummers, Porsche and the brand-new city cars: Smart, Fiat and Minicooper.

You can rent a car for a single weekend and for short or long periods. The car will be delivered to your hotel or will be available for pick up at Cannes or Nice airport.

There are no time limits for picking up the car. An assistant, right in the place and time that best suit customer needs, will deliver the vehicle.

One way car hire from Nice Airport to France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany

You can hire your luxury car on the Nice Airport and drop it off anywhere you want, even in a different country. The wide network in Europe that we have allows our company to follow the needs of our clients.

You can arrive even during night time, ask for your car to be delivered on the airport runway, or you can cross Europe and drop off you car in Italy, Germany or Switzerland.

We are at your service to satisfy your needs.

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